Decorate your life 

Enjoy the fruits and shapes of our labor.

You don’t have to be Neurodivergent to decorate in style. Our collaborations represent the magic each person brings, inspired by the diversity of EVERY type of brain. 

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Linens & Bedding

⚜ Shams ⚜ Seasonal & Holiday Gifts ⚜ Pillows ⚜ Blankets

⚜ Duvets And More…

Safe Spaces & Comfy Corners
Our Neurodivergent Makers know that comfort is 100% what you make it. Snuggle down in style and be prepared to welcome sweet relaxation.

Decretive Pillow
Framed Art Print


⚜  Artwork  ⚜  Seasonal & Holiday décor  ⚜  Clocks 

⚜ Throw pillows  ⚜  Magnets And More…

Neuro-gentrify Your House!

Love the arts?

Show it off with these exclusive art prints and limited edition designs. 

Kitchen & Dining

 ⚜  Coasters  ⚜  Refrigerator Accessories ⚜  Aprons 

⚜  Water bottles and more…

Self Care Bake off!

 When you feel a Tyrano-divergent fit coming, there’s no better way then to bake it off. My aprons bring me joy and it’s fun to select one that fits the mood of the hour. 
Decretive Pillow
Framed Art Print

Bath & Accessories



⚜  Bathmats & Rugs  ⚜  Shower Curtains  ⚜  Candles 

⚜ Candle Accessories and more…  

Candles, Bubbles & Quiet Peace

It’s the one room where you can find that sweet moment of silence before the day begins. Ground yourself with visions of art and beauty when you shop our exclusive collections.