Fancy Business Nonsense 

Work from home or in the office…just do it in style!

It’s the little things that make the day just a little bit more enjoyable. Decorate your office with the things you love.


⚜  Notebooks for Work  ⚜ Notebooks Spiral

⚜ Notebooks and Journals ⚜ Planning Notebook and more…

One of a Kind Designs
You’re not going to find these notebooks at the mall. Enjoy 100% unique styles straight out of the addled minds of our creatures.

Keep an eye out for limited editions and Special Holiday collections.

Stars and Tree Heart Notebooks
Humor Mouse Pads

Office Decor

⚜  Artwork  ⚜  Seasonal & Holiday décor  ⚜  Clocks 

⚜ Throw pillows  ⚜  Magnets And More…

Neuro-gentrify Your House!

Love the arts?

Show it off with these exclusive art prints and limited edition designs. 

General Office Supplies

 ⚜  Coasters  ⚜  Mouse Pad ⚜  Cases & Covers 

⚜   and more…

Surround Yourself With Inspiration

 Work doesn’t have to be all boring with these amazing graphics.

Humor Mouse Pads
Sharpie Art Stickers

Decorative Stickers



⚜  Hand Drawn Art  ⚜  Nature Photography   

⚜ Historical artwork and more…  

Stickers on everything!

There’s so many reasons to sticker the world. Make it your business to decorate everything with images worthy of the joy they bring you.